Tracks at Greece

- Give riders the opportunity to learn and know more through courses at different levels suitable for each rider.

- Riding on professional track days that allows the rider to practice and enjoy adrenalin.

It all begins and ends with the pursuit of professionalism & addiction to pleasure

About  Yunoment

Motorcycle tours in the world

And finally all at reasonable prices that make the dream possible

It all starts with great love

for motorcycles - food & friends.


Itay Dolev, 52, is a businessman, expert on riding off road motorcycle

Golan Malka, 42, is a professional chef and rides on motorcycles from an early age.



On our tours, riding is the essence of the trip, but daily content, activities, the hotels level, the motorcycles and of course the food all of which are carefully selected, are equally important.

The tours are intimate and end with friendships that continue in everyday life.



Following a riding course at the CALIFORNIA SUPER BIKE SCHOOL, a cooperation started with the school that enables YUNOMENT to do something that until now has been a dream for many riders: